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Modifications Made To Windows 10

Modifications Made To Windows 10

Microsoft has released an article telling us about how the changes they are planning to make to Windows 10, officially.

With build number 16215 on its way, Windows is going to go through a lot of changes. These changes will be made available first to those users who are part of Microsoft’s Windows Insider group, and as for everyone else, the update will be rolled out by the end of the year.

Change No 1: The Action Centre

Redesigning of the whole Action Centre to reflect separate sections for apps. This fresh look of the action page looks a lot better, and groups notifications together in a more coherent way from devices, apps, and elsewhere. The next option is to pin your favorites to the taskbar, giving you the freedom to open them in Microsoft’s Edge browser and quite as easily returning to what you’d been doing previously.

Change No 2: Cortana Sets Reminders

Cortana will also now be able to set reminders! Just take a photo of the poster you want to set the reminder of or use the lasso tool that lets stylus users circle content to create reminders for things like movie timings.

Change No 3: Windows Stylus Support

Users will enjoy more with the handwriting panel as it will be loaded with features like more gestures, better editing, emoji, and automatic handwriting detection. Writing with your pen is now hassle free as words are automatically converted to text, and words will shift along so you can simply keep writing. Oher interesting features include select text to edit it and make corrections to converted text using ink gestures, strikethrough, scratch, join, or split with the gestures, “find my pen” option to show where you were with your device when you last used the pen.

Change No 4: Emoji Love!

The all new Winkey + period/ semicolon keyboard shortcut will put up a new emoji panel for you to pick the most relevant emoji for your messages. A new touch keyboard for Windows 10 desktop and tablet users giving a prediction, emoji suggestions, one-handed input, and shape writing with your fingers or a stylus is also being added by Microsoft.

Change No 5: Other Tiny Details

Sharing links will be made easier with a new type of copy link feature. The messy network connections switching has also been considered. Windows 10 will now have improved HDR monitors support along with the ability to easily switch between public and private for network connections.

Get the best details on Microsoft as everyone eagerly awaits it’s September release!

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