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Michael Moore Is Predicting Trump’s Impeachment

Michael Moore Is Predicting Trump’s Impeachment

Michael Moore, who had rightly predicted the presidential victory of Donald J. Trump, is now out with another set of predictions for the current White House Administration.

Moore has already made it clear that he thinks the Donald is going to get everyone killed with his actions, build the border wall, regardless of the dollars it sets the country back, and will eventually end up banning all Muslims.

Now with his new predictions, Moore is back on the attack, answering what most American’s are undoubtedly asking themselves – When will Donald Trump be impeached?

At the Tribeca Film Festival, Moore was posed the question, to which he replied, “I would say some time in the middle of his second term. I think the equation is simple. It’s the American equation. Dumb down the population and make them ignorant and stupid. Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate. Trump knew that part of the equation really well. And hate leads to violence.”

Moore also spoke of the possibility of terror attacks and advised them to not give into the fear that Trump is bent on spreading so easily. “We’re hours, months, weeks away from our own Reichstag fire. When that happens, I really encourage people to not get onboard the fear train, the terrorist train, the war train, whatever Trump will do. There will more than likely be some kind of terrorist act in this country. I fear that he will use that to such an awful extent. We have to fight that when it happens and not be afraid to fight it.”




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