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Melania Trump to Not Move to Washington

Melania Trump to Not Move to Washington

Apart from hiring a lone staffer, Melania Trump has been exceptionally slow in filling out her staff for the White House, and now, as per the US Weekly, she might decide to not move to DC and the White House at all.

The First Lady had planned to stay behind in the big apple in order to accompany her son, Barron Trump, until the end of the school year. Even though living so far apart from each other is not common for the President and the First Lady, Trump pointed out that he would be fine with the arrangements as it would allow him to work longer, which was okay with him. The trump’s, according to an insider, plan to reevaluate the situation at the end of the school year, determining then either to make the arrangement permanent or have Barron and the First Lady join him in DC.

Ultimately they will make a decision based on what is best for their 10-year-old son.






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