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Melania Trump Just Showed Us That She Might Hate Her Husband

Melania Trump Just Showed Us That She Might Hate Her Husband

Since Trump got the keys to the White House, it’s been no secret that the FLOTUS Melania Trump hasn’t always been seen by his side in DC. The First Lady who is known to have a fondness for NYC, has been hard to comprehend. Is this model turned first lady interested in Politics even? Did she want to be put in this situation? What does she think of her husband as the President of the strongest country of the free world.

All we can do, I guess, is make our guesses, offer some speculation…or maybe we can take a look at the First Lady’s twitter handle.

For close to an hour, last evening, Melania’s twitter account had liked a tweet by Andy Ostroy, which implied her massive dislike for her Husband. The tweet contained a hugely viral GIF from the President’s inauguration ceremony which showed Melania’s smile disappearing as fast as Trump’s tax returns, as soon as the President turned away from her.

And yes ladies and gentlemen, this came from her verified account – @MELANIATRUMP — but not her professional account @FLOTUS.

Also, this grabbed the attention of quite a few twitter users, who were a tad bit surprised, but not that taken aback, for obvious reasons.

The like however was removed by 11:00, with no additional comments.

We do know that the account hasn’t been in use much, with no tweets having been sent out since the election. Therefore it is quite possible therefore that the like was probably an unfortunate accident on the part of some member of the FLOTUS’ PR team who had probably forgotten to sign out.

Or maybe the First Lady, like the rest of us, has no other way of having her displeasure felt except for taking to social media quietly!



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