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Melania Swats Trump Away As He Tries To Link Hands in Israel

Melania Swats Trump Away As He Tries To Link Hands in Israel

We’ve all become familiar with the fact that there’s an apparent cause of tension between the First Lady and the President of the United States of America. The tension became even more apparent, as per a report by TMZ, when the President and the First Lady landed in Israel on Monday. As they walked down the red carpet, the president reached for Melania’s hand, which she was quick to swat away, as you will see in the video when you look closely.

Melania’s refusal to hold hands with her husband is not the first time one has heard of a possible rift between the White House couple. Reports in the past have pointed at a possibility of the First Ladies annoyance at having to move to Washington, and her possible hatred for her husband.

Here’s hoping the Presidential couple get their marriage back in order, cause lord knows Trump doesn’t need anymore issues.




Image Source: REUTERS/ Mike Segar

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