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Meet Richard Browning, A.K.A. The Real Iron Man

Meet Richard Browning, A.K.A. The Real Iron Man

Is this fiction, or could it be real.

Do we finally have a real-life Iron Man?

And no, we aren’t talking about Elon Musk, who’s widely considered a living, breathing version of Tony Stark.

Richard Browning, the first man, without any superpowers, or maybe with the strongest superpower there is, an extremely intelligent mind. A mind capable of building himself a flying suit!

Richard was inspired by his father, who has always had an inclination towards flying and engineering. With this dream, the young man started etching out his idea with the use of technology.

The jet suit which is equipped to run on a micro gas turbine, initially, went through several ups and downs, trials and errors. But with time, Richard understood the right balance between stability and control to get off the ground. He said, “That was the point when this endeavour went from- ‘I’m really not sire this is going to work,’ to ‘Oh my God! It does work!

His work and demonstrations of the jet suit have wonderfully been shown by TED.

Folks, this might just be a dawn of a new era.

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Image Source: TED

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