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Maybelline’s First Male Face Manny MUA Scandal

Maybelline’s First Male Face Manny MUA Scandal

The beauty YouTuber and Maybelline’s first male face of the brand Manny MUA was caught up with another scandal.

Manny is being accused of bullying his own fans, after someone mentioned that his eye makeup was not well blended.

He ran to Snapchat and defended himself, however, he said that that the viewer, who was a fan of his work, had a terrible makeup look himself. This was seen by many as a bullying act coming from Manny.




After this scandal, YouTuber John Kuckian made a video exposing his past behavior and involvement with a well known makeup guru and designer Jeffree Star, who was also exposed several times for his racist behavior. This video was eventually taken down by Manny’s representatives two hours after being released over an illegal copyright strike.

The video was then uploaded again.

Besides the bullying, people are now accusing Manny for being racist and protecting Jeffree’s Star racist behavior, as we can see from the tweets shared here.

While his fans still await an apology, none seem to be forthcoming from the Maybelline Star.



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