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Massive Fire Engulfs Dubai Tower

Massive Fire Engulfs Dubai Tower

The Dubai Torch Tower, early Friday morning, saw a massive fire break out, with thankfully no fatalities.

Officials were quick to arrive at the site and were able to quickly take control of the situation.

In a tweet, the Dubai Civil Defence confirmed that the tower was engulfed in massive fire, stating, “Dubai Civil Defense is currently dealing with a fire that broke at a tower in Dubai Marina.” Further, they also added that the building, which has 82 floors, was “successfully evacuated.” No injuries have been reported so far.

No injuries have been reported so far.

It appears that the fire broke out around the 65th floor and spread out from there afterwards. A resident said, “I live on the 59th floor and was able to escape to safety after running down the stairs.”

The Torch Tower is one of Dubai’s tallest buildings and had cladding issues since 2015, when something similar, although on a lower scale occurred. This is currently being investigated as a potential cause of the fire breaking out.

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