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March Saw 90% Of New Jobs Go To Men

March Saw 90% Of New Jobs Go To Men

Here it is folks, the Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the March jobs report today, and surprise, surprise, its not all hunky dory under President Donald Trump, as he’d have us believe.

Overall there was a drop in unemployment to about 4.5%. However, unlike the 180,000 new jobs economists had predicted for last month, there were only about 98,000 jobs that got added. What makes matters worse – only 9,000 of those jobs really went to women, as per a report by Elle.

Elle reported how as per the findings of ‘The National Women’s Law Center’ of every 11 new jobs created in March, only one were given to a woman.

The report only gets worse.

Black women were found to be 1.8 times more likely to be unemployed in march than white men, while single moms were expected to be unemployed more than two times as likely as married men.

As per Elle:

Jasmine Tucker, Director of Research at the NWLC, says the report paints a complicated picture for women. “Men lost the vast majority of jobs lost in the recent recession. That said, the recovery’s gains went largely to men – with women’s jobs recovering much slower,” she said. “This was especially true for women of color as compared to white men: Black and Latina women continue to experience higher unemployment rates than white men.”

Tucker however did note that these figures were a net amount, thereby indicating that it could mean that the economy gained 198,000 jobs in one sector while losing a 100,000 in another. But as our thoughts and attention focus on the issues of gender equality, it is important to note that the retail sector lost, which comprises majorly of women, lost 30,000 jobs.



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