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Man Mows Lawn While A Tornado Mows Down The Area!

Man Mows Lawn While A Tornado Mows Down The Area!

The tornado came, and went- but someone’s still got to mow the grass! And that’s exactly what a man in Alberta, Canada was recorded doing by his wife. The man named Theunis Wessels could be seen mowing the grass on his property, while a tornado nearby was busy ripping the area apart.

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Theunis Wessels mows his lawn at his home in Three Hills, Alta., as a tornado is seen in the background on Friday, June 2, 2017 in this handout photo. A photo of a man in Alberta mowing a lawn with a tornado swirling behind him has been causing a bit of a storm on social media. Cecilia Wessels snapped the picture of her husband, Theunis, on Friday evening as the twister passed near their home in Three Hills. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, Cecilia Wessels

Mr. Wessels claims that he was “keeping an eye on it“, and that the tornado was moving away from the house as he pushed the red mower along. His wife, Cecilia, said she snapped the photo to show her parents in South Africa, who’ve rarely ever seen such twisters.

Though the tornado did not harm anyone, many others uploaded images and videos of the incident.

Thankfully, the grass was the only thing that got mowed, and not anything…or anyone else!🙊😨




Image Source: THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, Cecilia Wessels

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