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Make Way For Instagram Archives

Make Way For Instagram Archives

You don’t need to get embarrassed anymore by all your uploaded posts from the past. Instagram is now launching a new feature which will allow users to hide all such posts with just one click.

Earlier, the only option for users was to delete the post completely if it bothered them from their wall.

But like Facebook, Instagram has also worked on the same feature. Right now, it is being tested on a select group of users, however, Instagram is looking to make the updated features available for all very soon.

Instagram says that there are many users who delete posts just because they are no more relevant to them or do not fetch enough likes. By hitting ‘…’ this button on the top right corner of the Insta page, one will have the option to archive the post of their choice. Vice-versa, users will also be able to easily get back the photograph on their wall by clicking the little ‘rewind‘  button again on the top right corner of their wall.

So now everyone will have the flexibility to create their private and public galleries also on Instagram!

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Image Source: PC Tech Magazine

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