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Let’s Pledge To Make Education A Priority!

Let’s Pledge To Make Education A Priority!

Yesterday marked Mandela Day, a day to truly value and understand the importance of education.

To mark the birth anniversary of the Late South African President Nelson Mandela, the world celebrates July 18 as a day to honor the brave man who stood up for the rights of so many, for so many different causes. Remembering his wise words on education – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In a world where children are torn apart from their families and made to undergo extremely harsh situations, while education is still not 100% accessible to many.

The responsibility falls to all of us to make every possible effort to bring children out of their misery and take them towards the light of enlightenment, the light of learning.

It is not only Malala or any other activist, for that matter, who are alone responsible for reaching out to women and young girls and boys, but the duty of every citizen of our world to take a stand on making education as important as food, clothing, and shelter.

So let’s take a resolution to make education a priority.Let’s truly celebrate Mandela Day!

Let’s truly celebrate Mandela Day!

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Content Source: USA TODAY

Image Source: AP Photo/ Denis Farrell

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