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Lyft & Waymo Partner Up To Take On Uber

Lyft & Waymo Partner Up To Take On Uber

Uber’s arch rival Lyft, has partnered with Google’s Waymo, to develop a self-driving car technology. With the deal having first being announced by the New York Times on Sunday, the deal was finally confirmed by both parties, and will see Google’s old company work with the ride-hailing company to bring self-driving to the general masses.

With Waymo having recently launched its first public pilot of its self-driving tech in Arizona, its services till date which have been limited to begin with, will get a much needed boost with the added efforts of Lyft. The ride hailing app will allow Waymo to build out the other important side of the business such as demand modelling and efficient routing, to name just a few.

With Waymo’s existing partnerships with automakers such as Chrysler and Honda (which is currently pending an agreement), this agreement with Lyft is an interesting match of potential equals. Waymo is well positioned as the technology partner and an essential service provider in this relationship, while Lyft fits the other side of the puzzle, which would only serve to benefit the automobile partners of  Waymo, and even attract more similar automakers.

Lyft’s competitor, Uber, has gone into a similar partnership with Daimler Chrysler, parent of Mercedes Benz. Uber provides an open program for OEs, encouraging car manufacturers to join with them to create their own in-house self-driving vehicles. Lyft, has instead, formed a partnership with General Motors, to develop a pilot fleet of autonomous tech automobiles.

This latest move by Waymo indicates that they are probably very close to commercializing their technology. Google, or rather, Alphabet owned Waymo is the clear leader in the autonomous fleet space, with over a decade of tech development work, and actual, successful, driving experiences.




Image Source: Vocativ

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