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London Subway Blast “A Terror Attack”

London Subway Blast “A Terror Attack”

The Scotland Yard has confirmed that an “improvised explosive device” was detonated in a subway train in S/w London during Friday’s rush hour.

The device exploded at the Parsons Green station, on the District Line train headed eastbound. The police has confirmed that the incident has been categorized as an act of terrorism.

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With twenty-two people currently being treated for injuries, Prime Minister Theresa May called the attack “cowardly” and had “intended to cause significant harm.” May also confirmed that the Country’s terror threat level would be kept at severe, though under review.

The device, fortunately, did not work as intended, as it would have otherwise left everyone around it dead and/ or handicapped for life.


Assistant Commissioner Rowley said Londoners could expect to see a stronger and more enhanced police presence across the city, particularly within London’s tube system. Rowley requested Londoner’s to remain “vigilant” but not “alarmed“.

Mayor Sadiq Khan also appealed for calm, saying that “Londoners will never be intimidated or defeated by Terrorism“.

This incident marks the fifth such act of Terrorism in 2017 in London, and the only one that saw no deaths. The police claim to have stopped a further six from being enacted out, all of which are expected to be brought to courts soon. As per a report by the BBC, this marks “the most sustained period of terrorist activity in England since the IRA bombing campaign of the 1970’s“.

Our heart goes out to the UK, and we stand in support with all those against terrorism.




Image Source: BBC

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