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Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler Set to Bid Adieu!

Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler Set to Bid Adieu!

Kickstarter co-founder & CEO Yancey Strickler is thinking about stepping down from the company at the end of this year. This was confirmed in a blog post which he wrote last night.

Following this news, Kickstarter has begun its search for Strickler’s replacement.

The company’s other co-founders Charles Adley & Perry Chen, have also quit the company. Strickler has spent 12 years of his life working with Kickstarter now and said this was the perfect time to move on. He said, “Since 2014 when I became CEO, we made several great leaps: tripling the total dollars pledged to projects, launching Kickstarter to creators in 16 countries, and building an exceptional team of leaders at every level. Now we’re looking for someone who can push us to make our next great leaps.”

Meanwhile, 2017, according to Strickler, will mark Kickstarter’s eighth straight profitable year. The company also announced that it was getting ready to launch a new messaging feature on its Android App.

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