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Keystone XL Pipeline Approved By The Trump Administration

Keystone XL Pipeline Approved By The Trump Administration

The Trump administration has issued a permit to energy company TransCanada to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

The State Department said it had found the project, which was blocked by former US President Barack Obama, to be in the US national interest.

The 1,180 mile (1,900km) pipeline will carry tar sands oil from Canada to refineries on the Texas coast.

While announcing the approval President Trump called it a “great day for American jobs”.

“TransCanada will finally be allowed to complete this long overdue project with efficiency and speed,” Mr Trump said in the White House Oval office, joined by TransCanada officials and contractors.

TransCanada, a Calgary-based company, called Friday’s decision “a significant milestone”.

Chief executive Russ Girling, who stood behind Mr Trump at the White House, thanked him and said his company is “very relieved and very eager to get to work”.

Mr Trump signed an executive order only days after taking office in January, designed to speed up final approval of the $8bn (£6.4bn) pipeline.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recused himself from the matter because of his previous role as chief executive of ExxonMobil.

The permit was signed by an undersecretary of state for political affairs, career diplomat Tom Shannon.

In denying the project in 2015, former Secretary of State John Kerry wrote that it would neither spur economic growth, nor help the US achieve energy independence.

He said it would threaten environmental damage by allowing “a particularly dirty source of fuel” to enter the US.




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Content Source: BBC

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