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Kellyanne Conway Speaks Out On Allegations Of Her Being Disgusted By Trump

Kellyanne Conway Speaks Out On Allegations Of Her Being Disgusted By Trump

As Monday unraveled, Morning Joe co-hosts and soon to be married, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough spoke of the their interviews with Kellyanne Conway, during the campaign trail, where she gave them the feeling that she wasn’t pleased with her boss at all.

Brzezinski claimed, “She would get off the air, the camera would be turned off, the microphone would be taken off, and she would say, ‘Blech, I need to take a shower,’ because she disliked her candidate so much.” The anchor further stated that Conway’s attitude, when not being recorded, seemed like she had been “just doing this for the money.

Conway, has since, taken to Twitter to offer her point of view on the subject matter. And unlike most whom would be happy with the 140 characters, Conway decided to type the message on the notes app, taking a screenshot and posting the image instead on twitter.

Conway writes – “The notion that I am serving for ‘the money’ or a ‘paycheck’ is absurd. As campaign manager, I made a fraction of what other consultants have made on unsuccessful presidential campaigns. Then I walked away from dozens of opportunities for millions of dollars, and instead walked into the White House. I would do it again. It is a privilege to assist President Trump in the White House, just as it was during the campaign. I know him, I respect him, I believe in him, and I am confident in his capacity to be a transformative and successful President.”



Image Source: The Daily Dot

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