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John Oliver’s Interview With The Dalai Lama Is An Absolute Treat To Watch

John Oliver’s Interview With The Dalai Lama Is An Absolute Treat To Watch

John Oliver for his latest show decided to trek down to Dharamsala, India to get together with the Dalai Lama.

In his latest segment, John Oliver, points out how widely respected the Dalai Lama is around the world, however no one really has an idea on what he does. While that results in quite a few laughs for us, he importantly brings the talk to the Dalai Lama’s tryst with the Chinese government.

With Tibet a major point of discussion, or conflict rather, between China and Dalai Lama, John brings the focus on to the terrible social environment in Tibet. With Tibet holding an integral position within China’s international/ national policy, China is adamant to keep Tibet under their governance.

To get more information on how the incredibly peaceful Lama and his Buddhist followers are dealing with China’s continuous interference and dominance on their cultures and beliefs, John Oliver decided to meet with the Lama to discuss the same. While John Oliver carries on with the show, and the interview, in his true satirical way, the points he brings up and discusses are of grave importance and extremely informative.

The entire video is attached here below, and is a DEFINITE watch for all.




How do you feel about the conditions being meted out to Tibetan’s right now? What are your opinions about the Dalai Lama/ Buddhist and the Chinese conflict? Do you believe the Dalai Lama’s method of dealing with the self-immolation cases is justifiable? Does he have any other options?

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Content Source: The Last Week Tonight/ HBO

Image Source: YouTube

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