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This Japanese Game Show Proves Why The Japs Are Just Plain WEIRD!

This Japanese Game Show Proves Why The Japs Are Just Plain WEIRD!

So here I am, enjoying a perfectly chilly day in Toronto, going about my day in the usual fashion. But then I come across this story that just changed the very understanding of what I considered game show worthy.

Far away in the mystical land of Japan, there is a game show. A game show so amazing, I’m surprised there aren’t more blokes booking tickets to get on the first flight out and just get a chance at this game.

Welcome to ‘Handjob Karaoke‘!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read that right.

But it’s Japan, and I think quite a few of us have already seen the weird game shows that seem to come out of the country where you can rent a girlfriend/ boyfriend to just cuddle with. I tell you this, if there’s anyone out there truly pushing the limits of mankind, its the Japs. There’s absolutely no boundary, it seems, that they aren’t willing to cross when it comes to game shows.

So here’s how this works, you show up on TV, choose a song to get whacked out to, pull down your drawers, and then sing for your life while a gorgeous Japanese woman beats the crap out of your meat. Her only goal is to get you to ej@cul@te before you finish with your song!

Not sure who in Japan is really watching this show, cause this definitely ain’t for the women or the kiddies; the men? Maybe. Either way, take a look at the video below.

I promise you, its everything you’re thinking it is right now.






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