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Ivanka Trump Does Push Back Against Her Father…In Private

Ivanka Trump Does Push Back Against Her Father…In Private

Often portrayed as the moderating forces within the White House – Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner – leaks have suggested the role these two are playing in steering President Trump on important issues such as climate change and LGBTQ rights. However the problem lies in the fact that neither have taken a publically visible vocal stand against Donald Trump’s agenda, leading many, including the satirical comedy show, Saturday Night Light, to mock and call the eldest daughter Ivanka “complicit” with her fathers plans.

In a recent interview with CBS’s Gayle King, Ivanka attempted to turn her newly founded “complicit” label around. Ivanka look to reassure King that unlike the popular opinion, she does indeed push back against her father with regards to issues on which they disagree – but in private.

“I think there are multiple ways to have your voice heard,” she said. “In some cases, it’s through protest, and it’s through going on the nightly news and talking about or denouncing every issue on which you disagree with. Other times, it is quietly and directly and candidly … I would say not to conflate lack of public denouncement with silence.”

Ivanka spoke of the difference between voicing her opinion and being publicly vocal, pointing out that her not doing it “loudly”, was not a sign of her not telling the president “hard truths.”  She further went on to add, “We’re in a very unique time where noise equals, in a lot of people’s perception, advocacy, and I fundamentally disagree with that. You asked me about people who criticize me for not taking to social media on every single issue, and I would ask them if that would render me more effective or less effective with the people ultimately making decisions?”

However, Ivanka was quick to dodge King’s question on giving an example of an incident where she had disagreed with her father, saying, “I think that for me, this isn’t about promoting my viewpoints.” Further, Ivanka on her impact within the White House and with the President said, “I think most of the impact I have, over time most people will not actually know about.”

Here’s hoping she does make a positive impact.



Content Source: The Cut

Image Source: Win McNamee/ Getty Images

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