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iPhone8: Why You Might Have To Wait A Bit For The 10th Anniversary Special iPhone

iPhone8: Why You Might Have To Wait A Bit For The 10th Anniversary Special iPhone

2017 is set to be the momentous 10th year anniversary of the smartphone that propelled Apple into a position of being the most valuable company in the world, with a bank balance larger than the GDP of 148 countries (Yes, you read that right, 148 COUNTRIES!), with what is probably the most valuable invention till date.

Much speculation has been on the market about the iPhone8, with rumors about its price tag reaching 4 digits to the kind of design changes we can expect. We’ve already heard the rumors about the three new models – two being incremental changes with the third being a completely redesigned premium smartphone. So as per a report by Bloomberg, customers looking to purchase the premium smartphone are in for a slight wait. While the phones are expected to ‘released’ around the same time, the premium iPhone is more likely to be available later in the year, particularly because of the difficulties around its manufacturing.

The device’s new larger screen curved design – similar to the S8 – is proving a tough production challenge, particularly as Apple is reportedly looking into incorporating the fingerprint sensor in the screen. Samsung had tried to implement a similar feature in the S8, failing which they decided to place the sensor at the back of the phone, next to the camera.

Other features currently doing the rounds in the rumor mills include a revamped front-facing camera with 3D and depth-sensing capabilities. While the engineering of this is sure to be a doozy for Apple, Bloomberg’s report suggests the placement of a dual-camera at the front, even as Apple analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo have placed their bets on Apple utilizing an infrared sensor.

An advanced front-facing camera such as this could set up the path for much better implementation of AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, along with with making for better selfies




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