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iPhone8 to cost $1000, Curved Screen and New Charging Port Possible

iPhone8 to cost $1000, Curved Screen and New Charging Port Possible

We’ve all seen the chatter that has been going on for a while now about the iPhone8.

Well the WSJ has just published a report giving us a lot more updates on the new Apple device. For the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, as Apple readies itself to launch its flagship device, they have reportedly taken to mimic the Samsung Galaxy S7 by potentially offering a curved OLED display screen. And, surprise, surprise, it might be Samsung itself supplying the screens to Apple.

This model, which will be on the higher end of the price spectrum, is reportedly going to cost a $1,000, while being placed as a premium to the iPhone8 & 8+, finally pushing the iPhone to the four digit price point.



All three versions are expected to drop the lightning port in favor of a USB-C port. This move, if Apple moves forward with it, would put Apple’s devices at part with the industry standard, thereby making it similar to all android devices. With the updates on the MacBook Pro, we can safely say that this move would make a lot of sense for Apple.

The USB-C is capable of transmitting audio and video data, as well as power at faster rates than the lightning port/ cables currently in use. However, with the launch of the new MacBook Pro, most were left pondering as to the point of not allowing a direct connection between the USB-C and the MBPro, leading to the obvious connection that a device would be required to allow the connection between a lightning to USB-C cable.

With another 6 months to go before the Apple iPhone 10th anniversary special launch, we can rest assured that Apple as always, will come out guns blazing, hopefully with more updates and upgrades though.

Would you spend a $1000 to buy the new iPhone? Leave your comments in the section below.


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Content Source: Wall Street Journal

Image Source: Veniamin Geskin

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