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Introducing Tesla’s New Chatbot Assistant – Elon

Introducing Tesla’s New Chatbot Assistant – Elon

Based out of Mountainview, venture-backed SmartCar has come out with a new way to help you connect with your Tesla. Called TeslaBot, the application, in layman’s terms is a Facebook chatbot which connects to your Tesla using its existing API system, allowing you to control and navigate through most of the features currently on offer directly through your Tesla app.

The app will allow users more accustomed to Facebook messenger on their desktop or laptop’s to interact with their Tesla.

The app also gives users the ability to control their car using voice commands. On top of that, SmartCar has developed TeslaBot to interact with the users as would an AI assistant, replying back with quirky messages when told about your apparent boredom.

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Currently in stealth mode, founder Sahas Katta made it clear that this was just an initial step for the company and that his team of developers were hard at work at improving the application – “We used an Machine Learning engine to train it to the thousands of ways people may ask something. We’re excited to see what developers will build on the Smartcar platform in the future.


SmartCar’s platform is currently in use by Hyundai across its entire line of vehicles under the BlueLink category and their Ioniq EV.




Content Source: Electrek

Image Source: Electrek

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