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The Internet Is In Love With This Real Life Uber Rom Com Story

The Internet Is In Love With This Real Life Uber Rom Com Story

While these have been excruciating times for Uber, what with back to back scandals, they might have finally come out with a heartfelt story that will hit the right spot with their customers.

In a great PR move by Uber, the cute story of AJ Tabangay, has been depicted through an ad, and immortalized as the man who happened to run into his long time crush during an Uberpool ride.



As AJ’s crush walked in, he naturally freaked out, and took to twitter to live-tweet his entire experience. Finding himself short of breath, AJ requested Twitter to help him come up with topics he could use to start small talk with his crush.

Upon seeing his crush entering the car, AJ tried to play it extremely cool, “When he entered, I pretended that it was nothing…[but I went on] a Twitter spree and constantly messaged my friends to devise a plan so I could converse with him. I ended up just feeling happy [and] giddy that I got to ride with him.”

While the incident happened last year, Uber decided to pick it up and successfully bring it to mass market, in what is an obvious bid to get some positive feedback around their brand! Titled Kilig, meaning romantic excitement, has been viewed over 2.5 million times on facebook, receiving some great feedback.



AJ’s story is part of a series in which Uber is looking to get their riders to share their stories about the trips they take with Uber.

An Uber spokesperson in a statement to Mashable said, “AJ’s [story] was fresh yet totally relatable… and we felt it provided a glimpse into the different personalities you might encounter while on an UberPool ride.

Uber is expected to release a follow up video on Thursday, so get ready folks, or you can just wait for us to post it for you tomorrow.




Image Source: Uber YouTube

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