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Innerplace, The Must-Have Insider Guide for London’s Best

Innerplace, The Must-Have Insider Guide for London’s Best

In the bustling metropolis of modern London, it has become increasingly difficult to find venues, activities, and social events that are well adapted to one’s desired lifestyle.

Due to ever expanding urban sprawl, London no longer has a set center, but many centers, no longer has a unified culture, but a multi-ethnic diffusion of many cultures, and no longer presents a clear offering of lifestyles to choose from, constantly bombarding us instead with a barrage of adverts from underwhelming options.

Up until recently, most newly arrived Londoners, as well as upwardly mobile young professionals coming into status, had no resource to guide them through the clutter and into a desirable form of life suited to their dispositions. Existing luxury concierge services catered to deeply rooted communities of London gentry while most individual hospitality businesses leveraged their proprietary networks to create a social world that was insulated to just those communities.

There was no platform, in essence, which enabled the new, millennial wave of prosperous Londoners to navigate the existing social landscape and which through the process would breathe new life into so many of the fascinating, yet previously reclusive venues that make the town of London so special.

Seizing on the compelling need to fill this void, the bespoke luxury lifestyle planner became the first concierge service to present the blossoming millenial community in London with a clear presentation of all the lifestyle options that were awaiting them behind closed doors and then open those doors in dramatic fashion to usher in a world of newfound possibility for London’s most dynamic social class.

In this manner Innerplace– founded by CEO Tim Badham- has taken a bold and pioneering approach to redefining the luxury concierge business in London. Rather than starting with the venues and advising its members based on corporate needs, Innerplace starts with the interests of its members and then sets up weekly opportunities for these members using its expertise of the events, dinners, parties, spas, and even athletic outings  that would be most well-suited for the member in mind.

Applauded for its ability to change the way you live and feel on a daily basis, many people view Innerplace more as a daily dreamweaver than as a traditional concierge service. Buzz about the service has been spreading through the London Banking and philanthropic worlds and recently has even reached the highest celebrity circles of London culture. In the past few days, authentic endorsements from TV stars such as Hofit Golan and famous lifestyle bloggers such as Maja Malnar have established recognition of Innerplace’s as the London Luxury Lifestyle leader and have brought Innerplace into the mainstream media spotlight.

TV Star Hofit Golan celebrates her birthday in style thanks to the attentive bespoke planning of Innerplace


Innerplace‘s rapid rise has triggered a rush of new membership demand and led to a proliferation of new restaurant, hotel, and spa partners providing members exclusive access, VIP treatment, and discounted rates. Membership fees, up until now, have been set at the very democratic entry rate of only 50 pounds per month with a 75 pound joining fee… good to be true right? Well that may be changing soon as numerous insiders have mentioned that come Autumn, Innerplace’s rates are expected to increase for new members in correlation with demand.

Interested prospective members who want to seize on the opportunity to join now while it’s still accessible can find all the benefits and perks they’ll receive upon joining at Once registered, new members will be quickly liaised with a personal guide to the city’s best from Innerplace who will be able to point them in the direction of the experiences, entertainment events, and social circles they wish to be a part of.

Not just well suited for London’s arrivistes, Innerplace has also taken hold of London’s jet set transient community as well as its deeply rooted landed class, mixing them with finesse at events and parties and thus changing the London culture landscape as know it. This delightfully unique confluence of members as well as its dreamweaving business model is making Innerplace one of the most novel, refreshing social movements to sweep London culture in decades.

For a window into the heart of London culture, as well as for a direct ticket to the life you’ve always been envisioning, it may not be a bad idea (perhaps even one of the best you’ve had in years) to hop aboard the Innerplace movement while you can.

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