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India joins the bandwagon: ‘America First – India Second’

India joins the bandwagon: ‘America First – India Second’


In what has been a growing trend from many European Countries from around the world – we finally have India joining the bandwagon with their rendition of  – ‘America First, India Second’.

To those not familiar with the reason behind this trend, Trump during his entire campaign had stated the importance of placing ‘America First’. This has got to be one of the funniest videos that has come out of this trend of selecting the second best nation in the world.

Speaking of how the Indian community has contributed so heavily within the Tech industry in the States and how the States is home to 2.5 million Indian Americans, the video very shrewdly mentions Pakistan’s place as a hotbed for terrorist activities and how the very much loved Bappi Leheri (the man literally covered in gold) is a strong competition to Michael Phelps. The video mentions the Taj, Trump’s tiny hands, Kamasutra and how India is so great at being second, with having the second largest population and being second most polluted nation.

WELL DONE India! This is definitely right up there with the other videos and is sure to become a viral video in the next couple of days to come.

A pure win for Satirical Comedy and another unfortunate embarrassment for the POTUS, Donald J. Trump!




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