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“Heartless” Eric Trump – A Theory By Trevor Noah

“Heartless” Eric Trump – A Theory By Trevor Noah

While the world of cinema explores how Voldemort became such a villain, Trevor Noah laid down a new theory behind why Eric Trump, son of the current President of the United States of America became “heartless.”

The idea came Noah’s mind post Eric’s statement to Sean Hannity with regards to the fact that Democrats are “not even people.

But Noah was lucky enough to uncover some visible evidence to Eric’s heartlessness.

The Eric Trump Foundation is a foundation set up to serve and assist children suffering from cancer. They host golf events each year, collecting much-needed funds from individuals with deep pockets, donating the amount collected to help with the welfare of cancer patients.

But here’s where it gets absolutely pathetic! Eric has the ”

Eric has finally proved that he is a “Trump“. It’s now been found and reported that all the money collected by the organization, has gone back into the Trump Organization’s coffers and not to help the poor kids! 🙄

Noah ends with saying, “This is the curse of being one of Donald Trump’s children: You can try and be good, but he’ll be like, ‘No, no, no, don’t do that. You’re a Trump.




Image Source: Salon

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