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Happy Birthday President Trump!

Happy Birthday President Trump!

It’s President Donald Trump’s birthday today and we would like to take this moment to wish him as he turns 71!

The newly elected President of the United States is, as everyone knows, a businessman by choice and a politician by chance. He was born in Queens, New York and was raised in the same city. He has a degree in Economics from Wharton and later founded The Trump Organisation for real estate and construction.

He solely headed the administration of this organisation until he became the President of the country.  With his multi-faceted interest categories, Trump also famously hosted a reality show for NBC named “The Apprentice.” His interest in politics developed in 1984 when he publically announced his interest in leading the country.

The President was both appreciated and criticised when he took over from Barack Obama on November 10, 2016.

The New York Times wrote at the time, “It was an extraordinary show of cordiality and respect between two men who have been political enemies and are stylistic opposites.

Doubletap wishes Mr President a very happy birthday and hopes that he continues to bring happiness and prosperity to the country.

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