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Google’s Messaging App ‘Allo’ Taps Into Artificial Intelligence To Create A Bitmoji Of You

Google’s Messaging App ‘Allo’ Taps Into Artificial Intelligence To Create A Bitmoji Of You

Google’s (relatively) recently launched messaging app – ‘Allo’ – just came out with a new trick up its sleeve. It allows the user to create a Bitmoji-like version of themselves by just taking a selfie.

The fascinating bit – Google is using an artificial intelligence, in a way, to do it.

Google’s algorithm’s look to recognize the qualitative features of the users face, such as the shape of their face, and then runs the information through a data repository of over 563 quadrillion combinations to create a funny face for the user.

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All this is by no means an easy feat, even when its Google applying the resources. One particular stand out issue was to ensure that the feature steered clear of the “uncanny valley”, a psychological phenomenon which creates an image which is eerily similar to that of the human being mimicked.

In terms of the user interface, it couldn’t be made any simpler.

Take a selfie, and allow the software to do all the work as it creates a hilarious cartoon version of you to use wherever and whenever. Google is also looking to create different emojis, in the future, based on the person’s mood or preference. As Jennifer Daniel, the Expressions Creative Director at Allo put it, “This first style that launched today speaks to your sarcastic side but the next pack might be more cute for those sincere moments. Then after that, maybe they’ll turn you into a dog.

The feature is yet to launch on Allo for iOS, but it is expected to be released “soon”.




Image Source: Google

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