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Google Aims To Make It’s Assistant Available On All Devices

Google Aims To Make It’s Assistant Available On All Devices

We just spoke yesterday about how Apple is looking to enter the Smart Home Hub Space, along with its trusted AI companion Siri.

Well new’s has it that Amazon has more to worry about than Apple planning to take its market space. Google’s assistant is aiming to be in more hardware devices than any of its competitors.

Google is looking to open up its Assistant to developers who are looking to incorporate the AI helper into their own hardware devices.

Developers can currently take advantage of a beta version of the Google Assistant SDK, which will allow them to incorporate the Assistant into their hardware prototypes. This move from Google opens up a lot of opportunities for hardware developers, especially in a world moving towards incorporating IOT into their homes. From Robots to connecting smart devices such as your home temperature controller, your smart light bulbs to even the next generation electric cars.

Once the kit is implemented, the devices will be able to respond to “Ok, Google” commands, much like the Google Pixel or their smart home hub – Google Home.

While this tool is still a preview, Google, it seems, is looking to provide this as an opportunity for developers to experiment and test its feasibility, unlike Amazon, whom have made Alexa available to their official partners.

Google’s move is a clear attempt to pan out a future wherein Google would contribute to running the multiple devices we rely on. Currently the company has made available a contact form for those developers looking to make commercial products.




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