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Frustrated Housemate Puts Up Sign For Delivery Guys

Frustrated Housemate Puts Up Sign For Delivery Guys

Quite a few of us have been there.

Order a package from our beloved Amazon and for some reason find it takes more than a couple of dastardly attempts before they are able to successfully find you behind that damn house door of yours in order to hand over your package.

Well two hombres, Ron Blackman & Dr Charles, were at the receiving end of their Amazon courier constantly missing them and leaving them “love notes” saying “sorry we missed you”, while they were still in their house (probably munching down on some crisps while washing it all down with a cold pint – if you ask me).

So then they decided to take some action – in pure passive aggressive satirical fashion.

Dr. Charles, whom clearly seems to be the smarter one (Doctor and all!), decided to make a sign for all future delivery people, stating the obvious existence of a doorbell, along with its wikipedia definition, because clearly these delivery folks were having a hard time figuring it out. This masterpiece was fortunately available for all to see through Reddit, where roommate Ron Blackman decided to share with all us netizens.

Let’s just hope they get their package delivered…in one piece.

Housemate put this sign on our door after Amazon repeatedly posted "sorry we missed you" cards whilst we were home. from funny






Image Source: Reddit

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