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FedEx Plans To Skip Extra Charges This Holiday Season

FedEx Plans To Skip Extra Charges This Holiday Season

Good news for everyone who’ve begun making their plans to send gifts to their near and dear ones this festive season, as FedEx plans to not charge extra for holiday packages.

Unless the package requires extra handling, such as those required for very large items, FedEx won’t be charging anything extra.

The courier giant, FedEx, delivers more than 12 million packages to businesses and homes, but this number has been known to shoot up to around 25 million during Christmas.

UPS, on the other hand, mentioned that it would add 27 cents for residential deliveries, starting Nov. 19 up until Dec. 2 and between Dec. 17-23. A fee between 81 and 97 cents will be added to overnight, second- or third-day deliveries for residential deliveries Dec. 17-23. UPS will continue to charge for oversized packages, in addition to peak surcharges on international air-shipping routes.

We’ve already started to make plans for Christmas, how about you?

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