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Exxon Mobil Sees A Drop In Its Profits & Stock Price

Exxon Mobil Sees A Drop In Its Profits & Stock Price

Profits down. Stocks falling. Exxon Mobil is facing a downhill journey with its market suffering largely. The annual meeting witnessed a debate where experts said the downgrade is more likely because of climatic conditions.

Shareholder activists are nudging the oil & gas company to reveal what exactly is happening.  Whether it is the regulations designed to reduce carbon emissions or anything else damaging the body. There is also a substantial push on Exxon to clarify their methods of preventing methane emissions from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, while it drills oil and gas wells.

Replacing the now state secretary in the Trump administration, Rex Tillerson, as CEO, Darren Woods, will be marking his presence for the first time since his appointment.

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The Belgian headquarters of oil giant Exxon Mobil is pictured in Machelen, northern Brussels, in this October 27, 2012, file photo. Exxon Mobil Corp announced quarterly dividend to 63 cents per share from 57 cents per share. REUTERS/Sebastien Pirlet/Files NYTCREDIT: Sebastien Pirlet/Reuters




Image Source: REUTERS/ Sebastien Pirlet

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