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Donald Trump: “No Politician In History…Has Been Treated Worse Or Unfairly”

Donald Trump: “No Politician In History…Has Been Treated Worse Or Unfairly”

If only Trump had done his proper research on the role he was applying for, he might have realized that calling him under qualified would be an understatement!

In the wake of his foolish decision to hand out extremely classified Israeli information to a close ally of Iran, Russia, Trump has been bombarded by calls of his idiocy and a potential impeachment. Add to that his decision to fire the FBI Director over the investigation into his involvement with Russia during the Presidential elections, Trump cannot seem to get anything right.

However, that’s not how the President sees it, of course.

While giving a speech yesterday, during the Coast Guards graduation ceremony, Trump brought the focus back onto himself stating that “no politician in history — and I say this with great surety — has been treated worse or more unfairly.

The fact that this President still cannot comprehend his own idiocy after having squealed on his own allies, potentially compromised the life of an allies agent, and having come in the way of implementing true American justice, is beyond any sort of understanding.

What’s worse? He’s not even facing the worst yet. Past politicians have actually had it worse than him.

  • The US has seen three successful assassination attempts on their President – Presidents Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. On top of that, the country has seen many unsuccessful attempts on other politicians as well – including President Reagan.
  • President Lincoln oversaw the Civil War. Period.
  • Obama has faced countless accusations and unnecessary conspiracy theories around him, not lest the one started by Trump with regards to his citizenship. He actually had to make public his birth certificate! Try getting Trump to show his tax returns…
  • Nixon was forced to resign after Watergate – Trump learn any lessons?
  • Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for almost three decades, and he actually stood up for the right side!
  • Leader of the opposition, in Venezuela, Leopoldo Lopez, is currently imprisoned by the current regime.

And this isn’t even 1% of the atrocities that politicians have been forced to face in the world.

Trump, stop being a cry-baby, and for f!cks sake, at least try and be the responsible President America thought it voted for.




Image Source: AP Photo/ Steven Senne

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