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Why Donald Trump Is The Way He Is

Why Donald Trump Is The Way He Is

Curious as to why Trump makes decisions the way he does? Or why there are people out there who actually support his controversial policies  so eagerly?

Noted British actor and comedian, Stephen Fry, in an animated video created by Pindex, breaks down the reasons behind Trump’s and like minded individuals thought processes.

In the video, Fry talks on the principles of Cognitive Bias, utilizing facts to point out how ridiculous Trump’s priorities and policies are.

On Trump’s irrational stance against immigrants, Fry says, “When Trump raises fear of immigrant terrorists, keep in mind that since 9/11, no one has died in a terrorist attack by immigrants from the countries he wants to ban.”

On Trump’s decision to massively scale down the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, Fry points out that more people (close to 200,000) have died because of air pollution in the U.S. than terrorism.

Fry finishes with a quote worthy of sharing with everyone you know – “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.

Watch the video below –




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