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Destéene Jewelry Steals the Spotlight at Fashion Week

Destéene Jewelry Steals the Spotlight at Fashion Week

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One of New York Fashion Week’s biggest surprises this year was the launch of the red hot new women’s jewelry brand Destéene ( hosted at the Blender Workspace.

Amongst the big draws of the night were the live performance of star percussionist Taku Hirano and a sampling menu of Tito’s Vodka, Grapecreek Vineyards, and Garrison Brothers which drew New York’s glamorous beau monde out by the hundreds.

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Yet when founders Iryna and Alexandra took the stage to unveil Destéene’s debut collection, all chatter stopped and the attentive stares of 100’s of guests were instantly fixed on the display booth.

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The combination of Destéene’s ultra luxurious aesthetic and accessible price point set off a chain reaction that led to droves of sales at the event and sparked a buzz in New York which continues to grow within the city most fashionable circles.

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The brand’s founders Iryna Lysogor and Alexandra Vittekova- inspired by dynamic, globe trotting careers as fashion models- have created a jewelry line that expresses the essence of the dignified, cosmopolitan woman with attitude. Dubbed by critics as the ‘New Minimal”, Destéene is at once elevated, adventurous, and ravishing, gracing each woman who wears it with a powerful dash of confidence

Their debut collection- for sale now at – features an elegant balance of rings, necklaces, chokers, and bracelets that can be stacked or worn as captivating statement pieces on their own.

To see what all the fuss is about, check out Destéene online and feel free to write Iryna and Alexandra with any questions you may have about the brand at
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