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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Nneya Richards

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Nneya Richards

Starting at the age of 15, Nneya Richards kicked off her career with Teen Vogue, joining their founding contributing team. Coming from a liberal arts background, Nneya credits her professors and mentors for supporting and guiding her while she chose her path within the fashion industry.

Nneya, apart from her contributions to the Teen Vogue magazine, is renowned for her personal blog – ‘N A Perfect WorldInspired by her passion for travel, Nneya felt the absence of a medium for her to be able to share her thoughts and opinions on global fashion trends and travel destinations. Being a woman herself, Nneya wished to be able to inspire other young women, particularly black women, to feel confident enough to travel by themselves.

Thanks to Instagreater and T1 Advertising, we got a chance to speak with the talented Ms. Richards, and get to know her a bit better!

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How did you get started becoming a digital fashion influencer?

I was a founding contributor to Teen Vogue magazine so I started “working” in fashion since I was 16. The digital space is always evolving so I’ve always been excited to adapt and try new platforms. Believe it or not, I was quite uncomfortable with the self-promotion bit at first, but when I realized the power of digital platforms to connect with people and share my message or awareness to issues/ things that are important to me, conveyed through my blog, ‘N A Perfect World‘. I really decided to take advantage of it.

For all of our audience who may not be familiar with you yet, how would you describe the style of your brand?

My brand is intrinsically tied to me and the ideals that are authentic to me. Everything I do ties into the goals upon which I founded my blog, ’N A Perfect World a curated intersection of travel, food, fashion and geopolitics inspired by the global-citizen lifestyle of the millennial. Those ideals existed before my blog. My blog just gave me a clearer way to articulate them. I aim to empower young women to travel as I believe it is through exploring the world that we will bridge cultural gaps and misunderstandings. We are all ambassadors.

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What was your biggest source of inspiration in becoming the role model and leader you are today?

My grandparents, particularly my grandmother, Hazel, the risks she took coming to a foreign country, the ferocity with which she led our family, her hard work, dedication and perseverance and her ability to carve out a beautiful life for herself.

What societal issues are particularly important to you and do you champion/advocate for any of these issues in your work?

There are a few, from gun violence to domestic violence, to my work with ‘N A Perfect World as a cultural exchange advocate.  I’m on the board of two wonderful charities, Glam 4 Good and Through Our Lens that uses fashion as a tool for empowering women. I think to have a world perspective and a desire for a world perspective can bridge a lot of miscommunications and gaps. Kim Jong Il is a basketball fanatic. And it’s weird to think that while watching Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen play together, for a moment in time, Kim Jong Il and I have the same thoughts of wonder, awe, and appreciation. I don’t mean to sound trite or simplistic regarding world conflicts. But I do believe that in many cases, these changes start on a very local, grassroots level. First, I just want to make my audience aware, take them to places they’ve never been before, through me, they can interact with people they wouldn’t have dreamed to. And interacting with the audience to do that. That’s amongst my favorite things about this platform.

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Image Source: 'N A Perfect World, ASW Globalist

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