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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Minakshi Mahta

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Minakshi Mahta

Napoleon, Statue of Liberty, Quiche, Blue Cheese, The Metric System and  Champagne. What do they all have in common?

They’re all from France.

What’s also from France? Minakshi Mahta.

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This beautiful French lady has made her mark on social media with close to 120k followers already, as she looks to be her creative self through Instagram, spreading her message to look after the world we live in. So without further adieu, let’s get into the wonderful chat we had with her, thanks to Instagreater.

How did you get into becoming a digital fashion influencer?

Having been a fan of always being able to communicate and interact with others, Minakshi started out her Instagram account by posting images of natural beauty recipes and of her daily outfits. Soon after, her fan base continued its fast paced growth, reaching close to 120k fans on Instagram, which it looks to exceed soon as well. Minakshi loves the ability to be able to be who she is on the social media platform, and is happy that what started out as a hobby, soon transformed into a full bloom career.

I have always enjoyed sharing and communicating with people, and I wanted to develop in an environment that allowed me to be creative. Instagram was an open door on the world. In my beginning of instagram, I just uploaded some pictures about natural beauty recipes and my daily outfits.   My followers amount grew and grew and i posted more and more. Step by step ma passion turn into my full time job. Being influencer is much more that post pictures, I can be multipurpose like being model, stylist, editor at the same time. I couldn’t combine all my interests, hobbies and  abilities doing something else or the job i was decided on . I can be who i am and i love every single minute of my job with all the support i receive from my followers everyday which means a lot really. [sic]

How would you describe the style of your brand?

Living close to the sea in France, Minakshi reflects a casual, boho and beachy look, a style that is both comfortable and trendy to her. Being an avid champion for the environment, Minakshi associates her style and look on the environment. She loves to travel and hopes to one day be able to explore and discover new places around the world.

Minakshi can be seen sporting her favorite ripped jeans, oversized sweaters and blouses, with cozy cardigans during the winter, while she finds herself in bikinis, denim shorts, oversized sunglasses and salty hair during the summers!

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About my photographic style, I like to stay natural and  simple to don’t distort neither the bright colors of earthly beauties nor the original colors of the clothes that I wear. However, I always associate my daily outfits with an environment I like and makes me want to share it. I would like in the future to be able to travel more, discover and share new places  that fascinate me so much. I always love fashion and still keep in minde this fabulous quote from Yves Saint Laurent «Fashion fade, style is eternal» We all have our own style where we can play and reinvent. Style is an endless creation. Everything I contemplate around me is subject to inspiration in a way or another. Everything is like a food that enrich from inside. [sic]

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

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In Minakshi’s own words – “I think many sources have intermingled. The various origins I have has influenced me, not only in my style but also in my way of being, in the desire to discover and the curiosity. The world is an inexhaustible source, from great spaces to the smallest details. The differents cultures and traditions, the colors and the odors … Each part of the world is a world in itself to discover, rich with the past and a history. My desire was to tell stories through photographs, carry messages I believe. Knowing who we are, takes time, probably even a lifetime. But as Nelson Mandela said, “I am the master of my destiny, the captain of my soul.”  We are guided by our actions, and I’ve got the desire to act in accordance with my heart and soul.”

Minakshi’s words of wisdom are definitely worth noting for all us, as we continue on our journey to discover our purpose in this world.

What causes do you champion for?

Along with being an environmentalist, Minakshi also has a deep rooted love for animals and for eating healthy. Along with respecting the beautiful planet we live in, she pushes for everyone to respect the species that make its eco-system, including each other and ourselves, by respecting our body and treating it to a healthy and balanced diet.

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This may sounds a bit cliché yet I am very engaged of protecting our planet which suffers a lot right now, as well as the animal cause. We all have our place here, fauna, flora and human beings. And it is our responsibility to take care each other.  I’ve got desire to can work in various projects with organisations. Through my work, I present only environmentally conscious brands, also those that return part of the sales to the terrestrial safeguard. I also love brands that create stunning items with natural material. Is like taking part of Earth and dress people with. In a certaine way, we have impression to wear the colors of our planet.

A second cause that touches me is health and well-being. To be able to eat in a healthy way, access on the fruits and vegetables while accomodating them with taste. Associating with daily sport like fitness and yoga also helps to understand our body and strengthens meditation. I am currently developing a project linking those two causes based on natural materials used artistically and put into service as part of a healthy and balanced food. Art makes part of what we have to say, express and can raise awareness among  people, and it is through this process that I will also like to contribute.

Why should everyone follow you?

The lovely social influencer believes every influencer’s primary purpose should be to share and communicate their messages to their fans. Minakshi makes sure to connect and interact with her fans, taking the time to respond back to all their comments and questions. Keeping that in mind, she makes sure to provide her fans with her best work and collaborations with other brands that fit her brand and style.

To end it all, Minakshi leave’s us with this lovely insight into her personality –“I love mixing, which is why I like to represent various places in my work about clothes, from Bali to New York passing by England, Sweden or Italy. Being passionate about the field of art, I like to think and create diverse photographies telling a story that live beyond it by invoking the imagination in my work, the biggest point is staying honest. When I talk about a brand or something else, it’s because I sincerely love it.”

We can only hope Minakshi continues with her amazing work, and we highly recommend you follow her Instagram page here.

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