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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Megan Irminger

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Megan Irminger

Hailing from Severna Park, Maryland, this beautiful model influencer started out as a track runner in university, and if it weren’t for an unfortunate incident, we would have known her for her exploits in international sports competitions rather than her modeling today.Megan Irminger,

Megan Irminger, an extremely competitive person at heart, started her modeling career in hesitation. Considering herself to be more tomboy than “girly“, Megan felt the fashion industry was far from her niche, and an unlikely career option. But soon enough she was seen gracing the pages of Elle Magazine and Teeth, while walking the ramp for designers such as Rachel Zoe, Naeem Khan & Lela Rose.

Thanks to Instagreater and T1 Advertising, we got a chance to speak with the lovely Ms. Irminger, and get to know her a bit better!

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How did you get started becoming a culinary influencer/food critic?

I was running D1 (Division 1) Track & Cross Country in university. It was an extremely competitive environment, mixed with an extremely competitive girl. This caused a knee injury, which impeded by running for the duration of the season. I had to go to physical therapy and the whole shebang. Somewhere around this time, I was scouted by my current mother agent. I was hesitant at first, insisting I wasn’t girly and fashion wasn’t my niche. But when one door closes, another one always opens. I went up to New York City with my agent and got signed immediately. The rest is history.

For all of our audience who may not be familiar with you yet, how would you describe the style of your brand?

I always joke that my own personal style can best be described as “Suburban House Dad.” Which basically means I wear what feels comfortable and is off from the norm. Realistically my friends would describe my style as vintage rocker tomboy. I think it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin, and especially your clothes.

What was your biggest source of inspiration in becoming the role model and leader you are today?

My biggest source of inspiration has always been stories of people working hard to achieve their dreams. Anything from athletes, to celebrities, to a local story you read in the paper. It’s important to have something to believe in.

What societal issues are particularly important to you?

I have always been a huge advocate for animal rights. The way animals are slaughtered and raised for food is absolutely appalling. If people took the time to research and see how these animals are being treated, I believe there would be a lot more veg-heads in the world. I also volunteer at a local animal shelter and foster dogs whenever the shelter is too full and needs more space.

What is the biggest reason people should tune into your channels and start following you?

Everyone would be doing themselves a favor by tuning into my Instagram page because I am hilarious. I solemnly swear my witty jokes and comments will make you smile and chuckle. Do it. Go follow me now…. @meganbethi ….. You’re welcome.

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