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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Marius Weber

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Marius Weber

Calling him an avid fan of Mercedes Benz would probably be the biggest understatement, and quite frankly might even be construed as an insult to this German-born auto influencer. A car enthusiast, Marius grew up around a father whom has worked as an engineer for Mercedes for over two decades, hence his love for the four wheeled beasts doesn’t come as a surprise.

Marius’ love for cars is one worth appreciating, as he has managed to truly understand and explain the significance of the power of a beautiful vehicle. In his own words, Marius’ love for the Benz is purely for its superior quality across all facets, a thought process, if I may say so, I personally agree with (being an owner myself 😄)!

Whenever people ask me why I love Mercedes Benz so much, I have a simple answer: These cars don’t just look beautiful. It is something complete different from driving any other car. I have been driving so many different cars and I gained a lot of different experience in my life but I can say Mercedes is and will stay the best.

Currently enrolled in a mechanical engineering program, Marius is also a test driver for his favorite company, posting vlogs and pictures through his YouTube & Instagram channels. Marius aims to share his love and passion for photography and automobiles through his social media channels, and aspires to work for Mercedes Benz post his graduation.

Thanks to Instagreater and T1 Advertising, we got a chance to speak with the talented Mr. Weber, and get to know him a bit better!

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How did you get started becoming a digital influencer in the Automotive world?

Since I was a little kid, I grew up with a passion for taking pictures and cars. My dad has been an Engineer at Mercedes Benz for over 20 years and while growing up with the cars I just fell in love with the details and the way the car speaks for itself. I enjoy working together with Social Media pages and I enjoy being in front of a Camera let it be Vlogs for YouTube or just a fashion blogs or Photoshoots. My goals are set high but I try to come up with a plan for everything. I want to stay unique I don’t want to be like everyone else out there.

For all of our audience who may not be familiar with you yet, how would you describe the style of your brand?

I do everything Social Media related. Car Reviews, Vlogs, Photoshoots, and Modeling. I enjoy working together with small or big companies and help them grow their brand. Automotive is my style and I love to share my passion and own experience with the world. I try to learn and experience more each day by doing research or driving cars on my own.

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What was your biggest source of inspiration in becoming the role model and leader you are today?

I have a short answer to this question. People, friends, and family. Without Social Media and people telling me they could see me as a Social Media Influencer I would have never done it. I am glad people all over the world told me I could inspire people and become what I am today.

What societal issues are particularly important to you and do you champion/advocate for any of these issues in your work?

If there are societal issues I always listen to both sides of the story and give my honest opinion.

What is the biggest reason people should tune into your channels and start following you?

I set my goals high and work for the plan I have I like to make people laugh and smile. I am constantly working on new ideas and projects. I want to become a writer for Car Magazines, I want to keep on reviewing cars. I want to be a part of a Car TV show. I love to test drive cars and talk about them. I have so many goals and I will try my hardest to achieve them all but never be scared of failing because that’s the key to success.

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Image Source: Marius Weber

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