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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Marisel Salazar

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Marisel Salazar

Recently named one of Refinery29’s Top 10 NYC Food Instagrams to Follow, Marisel Salazar knows her way around taking professional pictures. A graduate of the prestigious Cornell University, Marisel is a regular contributor to PureWow’s The Coterie and the Tasting Tables The Tastemakers. Alongside PureWow and Tasting Tables, Marisel has worked extensively with world renowned Michelin star and James Beard award restaurants and chefs, Eater, & Martha Stewart Living.

Having started her career as a web analyst, Ms. Salazar was brave enough to make a pivot towards her passion, successfully managing to leverage her network of restaurateurs, chefs, and other industry stalwarts. Thanks to Instagreater & T1 Advertising, we had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderfully talented Ms. Salazar and ask her a few questions!

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How did you get started becoming a culinary influencer/food critic?

I’d always been a writer, but the focus of my work shifted to food after studying and eating in Spain. I also studied nutrition in college, so I come at food from a health perspective as well. After school, I wrote for various food magazines while working as a web analyst. Through my story interviews and research, I met more and more restaurateurs, chefs, and industry folk and eventually made enough connections that I was able to quit my corporate job and transition into a life as a full-time freelance food writer, photographer, and event coordinator. Instagram has served as my own mini-PR agency, showcasing the work that I do.

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For all of our audience who may not be familiar with you yet, how would you describe the style of your brand?

Clean, cool-color leanings, heavy contrast!

What was your biggest source of inspiration in becoming the role model and leader you are today?

I’m not sure I would necessarily call myself a role model, but I always aim to do my best and always ask myself “How can I do some good today?” It can be as small as saying “Have a nice day” to neighbors in the elevator, to making sure I provide my audience with my best, authentic self. 

What societal issues are particularly important to you?

Anyone who has eaten with me knows I am a champion of anti-food waste. I’m all about doggy bags, curbing overeating, and preventing frivolous waste. Food is scarce in some parts of our country and world. There is a gross waste issue in the United States on an individual level and commercial level that could be leverage for greater good.

What is the biggest reason people should tune into your channels and start following you?

I’m constantly on the lookout for the best eats in a very curated, aesthetic way. I look for food with a story. If you’re also looking for a story beyond the bite, follow me.

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