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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Laura D’Angeli

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Laura D’Angeli

An American actress, model, and a mother of one, Laura D’Angeli, is a proud Italian American, born in New Jersey, who currently resides in the beautiful island state of Hawaii. With a degree in Psychology and Marketing, Laura, is as much brain, as beauty.

Being involved in theatre from a very young age, Laura took to modeling during her teen years. Having traveled all around the globe because of her work, the models acting career took off when she got a feature in Justin Chon’s film – ‘Man Up!‘, which is also available on Netflix.

Following that, Laura was approached by Hawaii 5-0 for extra roles, before she eventually landed her first feature role in 2013, which grew to a co-star role in 2014. Having been recognized twice by the Washington Times, Laura has dedicated her life and part of her career towards being a behavioral therapist to children suffering from autism. Laura also looks to dedicate time towards motivating high school students, speaking about her career and extremely inspirational life.

Being such an inspiration to all of us, Laura tops our list of being a Contemporary Face Of Our Culture.

Well, this intelligent beauty was kind enough to speak with our friends up at Instagreater, and provide us with some amazing insights into her life thus far.

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How did you get started becoming a digital fashion influencer?

My modeling and acting career which took me around the world along with living in paradise (Hawaii) has attracted a substantial amount of followers to my social media. I have been very lucky with receiving so much love and support from such a diverse audience. I have always received messages from my followers asking where they can either shop for what I was wearing, travel to where I was visiting, how to jump start their career or even question which products I can’t live with out. I would travel and be bombarded with travel questions, opinions and asked for suggestions on accomodations…Once companies started reaching out to me offering to send me products to review and refer, I figured why not combine the curiosity of my followers with the same opportunities I was receiving from companies and brands? Felt like it was the least I can do to show appreciation to my biggest supporters; being able to give a heads up on awesome products, travel ideas, fashion, and lifestyle brands along with unlocking discounts and even free products for them to win some awesome stuff.

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How would you describe the style of your brand?

Limitless. Like my resume, my entire life is so diverse and so is what I offer to my audience. My experience in the entertainment industry, career as a model, journeys as a world traveler, real life ALOHA ambassador, and new mom hopefully relays the message that anything is possible and your life is a recipe of manifestation+determination+effort. My content ranges from yachts in bora bora to products for baby baby-and everything in between. Because yes, you can do it all.

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What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

The support of other women. It’s a beautiful thing when women come together, amazing things happen. The feeling when another woman compliments or encourages you is such a sense of satisfaction and validation. If I can help anyone along the way I’m doing something right. Especially a fellow sister or even anyone who wants to better themselves and pursue their dreams for that matter. 

What societal issues are you truly passionate about?

I don’t like when women put other women down, I’m all about girl power. I also stand for equal rights for any creature with a heart beat: animal, human, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. I stand for GOOD VIBES ONLY in my work. LIVE ALOHA & ALOHA Means love…

Why should people tune into your channels?

For a kick in the ass to follow their dreams and their heart just as I did…my life really changed the day I booked a one way ticket to Hawaii with $50 in my pocket and was determined to make a career out of paradise. I want the world to know the importance of manifestation and living up to your full potential. I’m here to help anyway I can. My page gives viewers the truth behind some of the hottest products you see trending on social media and even access to give aways and discounts. Peek into my life from living in a bikini to having a new baby. This is the reality of model life meets mom life as I empty the sand out of my suitcase from Hawaii and slip into my red bottoms in New York all while transitioning into motherhood. My journey “From Bikini to Baby”, is an inside look and perspective on fashion, travel, mom life, beauty and everything in between as I break down this barrier from #modlife to #momlife and try to create my own world out of both instead of leaving one for the other. Because us girls love options.



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