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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Kelly Russo

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Kelly Russo

Social media’s role in our life is extremely important. From getting the latest and trendiest news, social media today keep’s us informed whether it’s Trump, once again, being made fun of incessantly, or another cat video going viral.

An influential part of this overpowering trend is another up and comer, Kelly Russo.

Actress, producer, and the extremely talented host of the YouTube show, DTLA: Downtown LA Talks, Kelly Russo, is quickly taking the social scene by storm. With thirteen episodes and a growing fan base, not just on the video platform, but on Instagram as well, Kelly Russo spoke with Instagreater and us about what it takes to be a social influencer in today’s day and age.

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What got you into becoming a digital fashion influencer?

Kelly identifies herself as an entertainer first and then a fashion influencer. However, she accepts the importance of fashion in her show, DTLA Talks. Kelly looks to cater to a wide audience through her simple, yet trendy look, aiming to make the show more appropriate, and making sure to dress for the occasion.

Each episode I try to create a totally different look to help brand each episode and make it more interesting.  I try to dress appropriate to the theme of the show.  Our “Netflix & Chill” episode I wore an inexpensive Target dress and belt.   For a red carpet show I’ll wear a full designer outfit.  It just depends on the occasion.  Also, I like to mix high and low fashion together to create something accessible and interesting to everyone.

How would you describe the style of your brand?

Speaking about her new show, Kelly speakes of the freshness and spontaneity her show brings to all her viewers.

My show, DTLA Talks, is fun, current, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Everything is off the cuff and spontaneous.  Each week is a new topic, new people and a new look.  Its a man on the street type show where we interview different people from all walks of life about a hot topic.  I’m always amazed by how interesting and funny people can be. You can find our show all over the internet: YouTube, MSN, etc. and on Direct TV soon.  It’s under the Splash News TV umbrella and is called DTLA Talks.  @DTLATalks on Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s a look at her recently published video on “What Would You Do For $5,000,000?

honestly though, what would you do? 😏

For Kelly, her connection to people, and the genuine love for them is what truly inspires her to keep up her work.

I love people.  I truly find most people fascinating and see the beauty in everyone.  This show is a fun outlet to celebrate others and allow them to shine.  Jokes are typically at my expense, and I like it that way.  Especially when we do on location interviews, I love to see the bliss people have doing what they love to do.  It is very rewarding to see.

What issues are important to you?

Kelly wishes to make the planet a much more happier place to live in. Having lost her father three years ago to ALS, Kelly is personally a supporter of the research being done behind the dangerous paralysis causing disease. She looks to encourage individuals to be more kind and patient towards one another, reminding them “to stop and laugh, and be kind to one another“.

With this show I want to bring some light into this world.  Make it a happier place when I leave it.  We need more kindness, patience, and humor more than ever.  Life can be so hard but it can also be beautiful.  I want to remind people to stop and laugh and be kind to one another. Personally, I support ALS research.  My father died of this horrific disease three years ago so this is very near and dear to my heart.  A researcher told me that they are on the cusp of finding a new therapy.  Hopefully, we can one day find a cure.

So why should people tune into your show and follow you?

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” FUN!  Lol.   My job is to get people happy and comfortable so that they open up on camera.  I often am so surprised by what comes out of people’s mouths. You, the viewer, get to see what the buzz is surrounding topics that are hot off the press.  You also get to explore other worlds that may not be familiar to you.  Just this past weekend we filmed a “Cosplay” episode and traveled to San Diego Comic Con to interview cosplayers from around the world.  I promise you will laugh… either with me or at me :)”

Well Kelly, we are all behind your beautiful mission and hope that you continue to spread joy and happiness around the world.

So make sure to click here to see her YouTube show, and here for her Instagram page.

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Image Source: DTLA Talks

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