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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Daniela Botero

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Daniela Botero

Just two decades ago, the internet had just entered our lives, changing the very fabric of how we communicate, how we work and essentially our way of living.

In short, the internet changed our lives. Fast forward to the 2000’s and we had a new beast that was getting ready to unfurl its wings and blow us away!

Hello, social media…

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, Tumbler, Pinterest, Linkedin – names that today define how we create, consume and share content. In the last decade, these social media platforms have cemented their spots as a part of the way we live. Driven by our very basic nature to snoop into the lives of others, followed by the need to mimic them and share that information with the millions of others, who are now so easily reachable, these aforementioned social media platforms have also gone on to create and develop massive industries built around their ecosystem.

One such industry has been the growing base of social influencers, who are defining our way of life, our culture and aspirations. These influencers, with some exceptional hard work, and creativity, have propelled themselves as the pioneers in their chosen fields. And it is these individuals that DoubleTap is excited to honor and respect in our new influencer series – the Contemporary Faces of Culture.

Throughout the series, we’ll be bringing you exclusive bits from our interviews with some of the titans of the influencer and social media world, along with some great information on how these influencers made their mark on their followers and eventually the ecosystem that they are now a part of.

So without further ado, let’s kick off our series with none other than the Colombian bombshell, Daniela Botero.

Having left her home country at the young age of 17, the self-describing Latina with a cosmopolitan look has extensively traveled the world, living “in Paris, New York, Miami, and everywhere…”

With her travels having shaped her personality, Daniela swears that she will always continue to be a true blood Latina!

“I’ve been traveling all the time for my model and influencer work, so obviously I will have my Latina blood forever but I’ve been influenced by the places I’ve lived in, places I’ve visited, and of course the people I’ve worked with…I found my style young, fresh, sexy and I love to play with looks and fashion…”


Daniela had an accidental start to her modeling career when she was approached, or rather, discovered by Eskimo Models Agency, as she babysat three children at a quaint restaurant called Coffee Parisien in Paris! Taking inspiration from icons such as Kate Moss, Monica Bellucci, and Olivia Palermo, to name a few, Daniela has worked tirelessly to become the amazing role model and leader that she is today. But that’s not where the talented supermodel stopped. Having always dreamed of becoming an actress, this fashion icon has been successful in breaking onto the silver screen, having starred in Latino films such as Muñeca (2013), Fearless Heart (2012) and Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores (2014).

The supermodel had always known that social media would play an integral role in her efforts to become the style icon and role model she’s aspired to be herself, and for that reason, just about two years ago, Daniela decided to open her IG page. Starting off with simple posts consisting of her modeling, lifestyle and street style pictures, Daniela soon hit an organic growth burst, which essentially allowed her to reach out to hundreds of thousands of her fans directly, along with opportunities to collaborate directly with numerous brands from around the world!


Daniela, being a strong and proud Latina woman, advocates improving the societal situation in the South American nations. Recently in Venezuela, participating as an activist in a campaign, Daniela is aware of the lack of economic equality and the lack of importance placed on education in these South American nations and wishes to encourage others on top of being more actively involved herself.

“I was just collaborating as an activist in a campaign for Venezuela our brother country that is in a very complicated situation. I want to be more involved in helping my country and Latin American countries is many poor and uneducated people there and I would love to spend more time helping organizations in Latin America.”


Daniela made following her an extremely obvious decision – “Because I’m a real person, I’m not trying to copy anyone I have my own style and I love to share with people the way I live and what I love in a very simple and organic way.”

Well, that’s enough of a reason for us, and clearly for another 305K followers as well.

So if you’re like us, click here and make sure to follow Daniela on Instagram!

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us, especially as our next guest on our influencer series will be another extremely talented Contemporary Face of our Culture!


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Image Source: Instagram

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