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Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Cindy Prado

Contemporary Faces Of Our Culture: Cindy Prado

This gorgeous Cuban-American woman came to the forefront three years ago, when Maxim covered her for their “2014 Hometown Hotties Contest“.

Hailing from the beautiful city of Miami, Cindy started out her career well before fashion influencing was the rage. After Maxim covered her for their competition, Cindy’s career took off with multiple brands and publishing houses looking to collaborate with the sultry model. Cindy has had the opportunity to work with companies such as Calvin Klein, Megliz, Twenty Sauce, Runaway, Faithfull, FHM and even the NBC-Universal owned TV network, Telemundo.

Cindy began her modeling career at the young age of fifteen (15), making numerous appearances in catalogs and runway shows. With almost ten years of experience within the industry, Cindy has propelled herself to the who’s who in the fashion influencer network with over 300k followers on Instagram, and almost 30k followers on her fashion, travel and lifestyle blog.

With the help of Instagreater, we got the opportunity to speak with the lovely lady and get to know her even more.

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How did you get started with becoming a digital fashion influencer?

I started off just trying to Model before fashion influencing was ever a thing. Once I got published with Maxim I garnered some extra followers and started seeing some brands being interested in collaborating. I love fashion so I always put up photos with my best outfits and made sure my photos were good quality as I am a bit of a creative perfectionist, eventually, these personal photos were reposted and the more followers I gained the more fashion brands would reach out to me. It was a dream come true to me when the first brands emailed me to send me free clothes, I couldn’t believe it! (I remember running to tell my mom how excited I was). Now it’s at the point where I can’t just accept free clothes from everybody unless it’s paid as I just don’t have enough space. It’s truly a dream job for a fashionista like me.

How would you describe your style?

I feel like my style is very versatile. Sometimes I dress super boho like I am walking around Coachella on a regular day, sometimes I dress sexy, other times I am super sporty. It really just depends on my mood or where I am going as I love to match my outfits to the location around me. I think it’s a bit more boring to me to stick to just one style when there are so many fun trends to try!

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What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

A huge inspiration to me has been another fashion influencer @tashoakley. I think I started following her when she only had like 100k. There are so many influencers on social media but she was the one who stood out to me because of the elegant and classy manner in which she promoted herself. She started off with a bikini based page (which is what I mostly relate to in fashion) and she was able to prance around in a bikini all day without making it look like she was asking for attention or showing too much. Apart from that, she is a business woman which is what mostly inspired me as I have a very business oriented mind. I love how successful she became off of social media and how positive she made it look by working hard and not letting the popularity she gained change her image.

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Are there any societal issues you feel strongly about and do you champion for any of these issues in your work?

One societal issue that is important to me starting growing the more I traveled around the world. When I started to see the poverty in third world countries it really touched me, but it became even greater when I saw the children in these countries. It really makes an impact on you seeing the cutest little kids walking around barefoot over rocks while you are in a taxi on the way to a hotel. I’ve wanted to help ever since. So every time I travel to one of these countries I try to make some time to volunteer. So far I have volunteered in Thailand and Indonesia. However, it is not enough to help for a day while you are on vacation or working so I am in the processed of signing up to a volunteering abroad program. You spend three weeks or so abroad and I have read such beautiful reviews on how it changes you forever. During these weeks you can become a part of the community on a personal level and you can make a real difference, it isn’t simply helping someone out like you do volunteering only one day, but it is changing their lives forever and making a noticeable difference, all while gaining a new perspective on life. I am really excited to embark on my first 3-week volunteer program and I will make sure to document it all on my social media!

What is the biggest reason people should tune into your channels and start following you?

I think everyone will have a different reason to tune into my channels. I love to document my travels as well as collaborate with fashion brands that I love. If you have a lust for traveling and seeing the world I think that’s a good reason to tune it, or if you’re a fashionista and would like to see fashion inspiration or both! I recently started cooking a lot and sharing recipes and I’ve been very shocked at the good feedback I have received and how many people are watching, so now I have created another reason to tune! Overall I try to deliver enjoyable and healthy content whether it’s on travel information, fashion, health and beauty tips, or cooking, hopefully, everyone can take something good out of my page 🙂

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