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Congrats Malala!

Congrats Malala!

The Pakistani women’s rights and education advocate, Malala Yousafzai, completed her high school.

Never failing to inspire women from around the world, for whom education is still an unachievable dream, Malala will continue to push forward to reach out to many more young girls around the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, as part of her Girl-Power Trip, which she had started from the refugee capital of Lancaster in April.

With her high school degree in hand, Malala is all set to motivate more women to take up and finish their education. 

While her college plans are not yet clear, as per some reports, she has already applied to numerous universities which offer politics, philosophy, and economic degrees.

Having reached such tremendous heights at such a tender age, Malala, a Nobel Prize laureate, is someone we can all be proud of as a citizen of this world. We hope she can continue to push for world peace, education for all, and women’s empowerment.

Thank you Malala!

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