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Coming of Age: The Sexual Awakening of Margaret Mead 

Coming of Age: The Sexual Awakening of Margaret Mead 

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The formation of modern culture norms unquestionably began to take shape in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s with the rise of the counter culture movement. Without digital media at their disposal, huge cohorts of progressive society began to voice themselves in concert giving them a powerful platform that couldn’t be ignored and sent ripple waves through mainstream culture.

Radical new perspectives on personal expression, art, sex, and behavioral norms created a much broader, diverse social landscape that empowered much of the individual brilliance which society now glorifies and can be seen through today’s obsessions with trend-setting bloggers and provocative social media stars.

In fact, the roots of many of today’s most extolled qualities can trace their inception points to the breakthrough endeavors of Margaret Mead. Mead, a pioneering cultural anthropologist, courageously challenged social norms on sexual freedom and empowerment at a time when such conduct coming from women was unacceptable, or taboo at best.

In her insightful, deeply penetrating biography of the life and relationships of Margaret Mead- Coming of Age– author Deborah Blum paints a riveting portrait of a woman who torpedoed artificial boundaries erected by society to connect with the true essence of human behavior that lay underneath.

Although outrageous for her time, the findings Mead brought to life through her studies in the South Pacific and subsequent writings- which highlighted a women’s leading role in the initiation of sexual relationships- accelerated the pace of cultural evolution. Today’s sexuality driven social media dominated landscape, in fact, is a testament to’just how far women have come in daringly pushing the boundaries of popularly accepted behavior.

What makes Blum’s Coming of Age so unique is that it provides a candid examination of how the spirit of modern culture was born and how the work of Margaret Mead created one of the original footprints for women to disrupt and expand popular culture. A read through this book will give the reader a strong foundation for understanding what forces drive contemporary culture and the character it takes to an impact in it.

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