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Coffee To Taste Worse & Cost More Because Of Global Warming

Coffee To Taste Worse & Cost More Because Of Global Warming

London Kew Garden Scientists say that coffee growth has already been affected tremendously by rising temperatures, specifically in those parts of the world from where coffee comes from.

They say coffee drinkers can expect to get poor quality of coffee along with higher prices. Global warming shrinks the amount of land available for coffee production, hence the resulting circumstances for coffee drinkers. The scientists also foretell that till the end of the century, coffee production houses, especially in parts of coffee producing nations such as Ethiopia will dramatically shrink!

But there is still hope! Combining the coffee plantation areas with forest conservation and replanting could actually reduce the risks of deduction in land space. We need to take quick measures to withstand this impending crisis, or the day isn’t far when coffee lovers will be forced to bid adieu to their love for caffeine!

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