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CNN gets cut off by the White House

CNN gets cut off by the White House

What is clearly, yet again, a mature step taken by the Trump administration, the White House has decided to treat CNN like a pariah, refusing to send any of their representatives or spokesman to the leading broadcasting channel. One reporter stated this was an attempt to cut down ratings for the channel which had irked the now president, Donald Trump by speaking out about the Russian hacking and thereby getting tagged as a channel spreading ‘fake news’, similar to the online content website, BuzzFeed.

A White House official, however, was more vague, and stated “We’re sending surrogates to places where we think it makes sense to promote our agenda,” said a White House official, acknowledging that CNN is not such a place, but adding that the ban is not permanent.”

Admin officials continue to answer questions however, and CNN has also been invited to attend the briefings. Still, since Kellyanne Conway’s appearance on Anderson Cooper’s show, on January 11th last, no official has been seen to attend the networks’ shows.

As New York reported earlier, the drama between CNN and Trump goes back to the president’s relationship with network head Jeff Zucker, who Trump believes has personally betrayed him. This tiff between the Trump administration and CNN is a reminder of the tumultuous relationship between the Obama administration and Fox News, back in 2009, however even then, it had never frozen out, whom many commentators call, an extremely right wing republican supporting news channel.



Source: Daily Intelligencer



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