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CN Tower Broadcasting Antenna Catches On Fire

CN Tower Broadcasting Antenna Catches On Fire

In what has been a fiery summer, all puns intended, an iconic Canadian wonder today joined the list of buildings that have caught on fire this year.

The CN Tower, standing tall and proud in the city of Toronto, caught fire early Wednesday morning, affecting anyone with over-the-air television feeds and radio channels, according to the Toronto Fire Department. The CN tower is responsible for broadcast across thirty (30) TV and Radio channels in Southern Ontario.

The fire started at around 4:15 AM EST, with almost thirty (30) firefighters reporting to the scene.

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A fire in the broadcasting antenna of Toronto’s CN Tower started around 4:15 a.m. Wednesday. (CBC)

With the fire being put out eventually, the Toronto Fire Chief, Kevin Shaw, stated that “It looks like a tar substance that’s burning“. The Toronto District Fire Chief Stephan Powell further added, “The mast itself is steel. It’s above the SkyPod. There’s numerous pieces of conduit that feed the various antenna feeds that are within there and one of these have started to maybe smoulder or burn.

The overnight cleaning staff had been swiftly evacuated as soon as the fire was discovered. Speaking with CBC, Jenive Grant, a cleaner who was inside the CN tower at the time, said, “When I heard it at first, I just continued to do my job because I didn’t take it seriously, but then afterwards when they said exit, and I’m like ‘woo,’ so I just grabbed my stuff and left.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, and thankfully zero injuries have been reported so far.

The CN tower antenna stands at 102 metres, consisting of approximately 44 pieces. The CN towers 360 restaurant and observatory decks were still opened for business today.





Content Source: CBC

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